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Terms and conditions of booking

Booking conditions

November 2015

These Terms set out the terms agreed between You and Reed on which a Delegate may attend an Event (defined below). Please read these Terms carefully as they contain important information.

1. Definitions and Interpretation

1.1 In these Terms, unless the context otherwise requires, the following words and expressions shall have the following meanings. Less frequently used terms are defined within the body of these Terms:

“You”, “Your(s)” means the person, firm or company named in the Booking Request as the company wishing to book places for Delegates to attend an Event, including its Delegates;

“Booking” means a booking for Your Delegates to attend an Event made by You to Reed by submitting a Booking Request and confirmed by Reed by providing you with a Confirmation (as defined in clause 2.3);

“Booking Request” means an application for Your Delegates to attend an Event made by You to Reed in accordance with clause 2.2;

“Delegate(s)” means the person(s) representing You at the Event;

“Event” means an award’s ceremony, exhibition, conference or other event to be held by Reed in respect of which You are submitting a Booking Request;

“Fee” means the total sum payable by You to Reed as specified in the Booking;

“Reed” means the entity identified in the Booking, which will be one of William Reed Business Media Ltd registered in England no. 2883992 or HIM Ltd registered in England no. 905024 both at registered address Broadfield Park, Crawley RH11 9RT or William Reed Business Media SAS registered in France no. 429 315 971 at registered address 335 rue Vendemiaire, Le Belem, 34400 Montpellier or William Reed Business Media Inc registered in the State of Delaware U.S.A. at registered address 150 North Wacker, Suite 1425, Chicago, Illinois 60606 (or their successors or assigns) as the case may be;

“Terms” means these terms and conditions; and

“VAT” means value added tax chargeable under English law or such other applicable sales or other taxes.

1.2 In these Terms, unless the context clearly indicates another intention;

(a) headings are included for convenience only;

(b) references to clauses and Schedules shall be to clauses and schedules of these Terms;

(c) a reference to any gender includes other genders and the singular includes the plural and vice versa;

(d) references to persons include individuals, unincorporated bodies, government entities, companies and corporations; and

(e) the words “include”, “including”, and “such as” are to be construed as if they were immediately followed by the words “without limitation”.

2. Basis of Contract

2.1 By submitting a Booking Request, You agree to be bound by these Terms to the exclusion of all other terms. If You do not agree to be bound by these Terms, then you should not submit a Booking Request.

2.2 Your Booking Request shall be made on a booking completed in full and signed by You or on Your behalf (or in such other written, electronic or oral form as Reed in its discretion accepts).

2.3 Your Booking Request is an offer to Reed to attend an Event and a binding contract between You and Reed will only be formed when written confirmation of acceptance is sent by Reed to You (whether or not it is received) using the contact details provided in the Booking Request (“Confirmation”). You should contact Reed if You have not received Confirmation within five (5) days of Your Booking Request. Reed reserves the right in its sole discretion to refuse to accept Your Booking Request. Your Booking Request and the Confirmation shall together (also referred to as the Booking) constitute a binding contract between You and Reed which shall be subject to these Terms and to any rules and regulations issued from time to time by Reed in relation to the Event. Please note that in the case of a conflict, the Booking shall take precedence over the Booking Request and these Terms.

2.4 The person signing the Booking Request on Your behalf shall be deemed to have full authority to do so and You shall have no right to claim against Reed that such person or persons did not have such authority.

2.5 You are jointly and severally liable under these Terms with any agent appointed to make the Booking on Your behalf.

3. Attendance at the Event
3.1 You must notify Reed of the names and titles of the Delegates attending the Event at the time of making the Booking Request. You may send a substitute Delegate to the Event at any time but in all other respects Delegate registrations are issued for personal use only and cannot be shared with any person during the Event. You may not make Delegate registrations as agent for any third party or sell or otherwise transfer a registration to others, or exploit a registration commercially or non-commercially in any way.

3.2 Where tickets/admission documents for the Event are posted to You, the risk in the goods shall pass to You upon the items being posted out to the contact address provided on the Booking Request.

3.3 The details of the Event shown in any material supplied by Reed to You are correct at the time of printing but You shall be responsible for checking with Reed that no alterations have been made.

3.4 You shall at all times comply with any rules, policies and procedures of the venue of the Event, including all health and safety policies and procedures and all reasonable instructions of the venue staff and Reed representatives at the Event. Reed reserves the right in its absolute discretion to exclude or remove from the Event any Delegate whose presence in Reed’s opinion is or is likely to be undesirable without prejudice to any other rights or remedies available to Reed.