Highly Rated 2020

The judges gave special mention to our great selection of highly rated products 2020.

• Love Taste – Pip Me Up

Bread and Morning Goods
• Booker – Chef’s Larder 60 Pizza Dough Pucks

Cheese and Dairy Products
• Brakes – Burrata

Condiments and Dips
• Booker – Chef’s Larder Houmous

Finished Desserts and Gateau
• Bidfood – Premium Selection Caramelised Pear and Ginger Upside Down Cake

Fish and Shellfish
• Whitby Seafoods – Southern Fried White Fish Burger

• Booker – Lichfields Gluten Free Flapjacks Tiffin and Rocky Road Assortment

• Bidfood – Farmstead Bacon Loin Joint with Dijon Mustard & Muscavado Sugar Glaze

Party and Buffet Foods
• Bidfood – Everyday Favourites Breaded Halloumi Fries

• Brakes – Coated Medium Skin-On Fries

Poultry Products
• Booker – Chef’s Larder Small Southern Fried Chicken Fillets

Prepared Dishes
• Brakes – Sweet Potato Spinach & Feta Lasagne

• Brakes – Chilli Jam

Rice, Pasta and Grains
• Brakes – Kimchi Rainbow Grain Salad

Savoury Pies and Flans
• Brakes – Individual Emmental & Onion Quiche

Soup and Stock
• Major International – Major Lamb Stock Base

Sweet and Savoury Sauces
• Booker – Chef’s Larder Katsu Curry Sauce

Sweet and Savoury Snacks
• Bidfood – Premium Selection Hand Cooked Root Vegetable Crisps

Vegan/Plant Based
• Winterbotham Darby – Plant Shawarma Kebab