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• Bread and morning goods
• Preserves (sweet)
• Breakfast cereals (including porridge)
• Cheese and dairy products (yoghurt/butter/spreads/cream/milk designed to be served to customers and NOT sold as an ingredient)
• Meat (joints/portions and ready to served hams/salami/charcuterie/pate)
• Poultry products (whole/portioned/coated/battered/added value)
• Fish and shellfish (fresh/frozen/coated/battered and ready to serve (smoked salmon/trout/ pate/prawn cocktail)
• Sweet cakes and biscuits (tray bakes/doughnuts/scones/pastries/savoury crackers)
• Finished desserts and gateau (served hot or cold)
• Ice cream and sorbet
• Crisps, nuts and snacks
• Party and buffet foods (including sandwich fillers)
• Fruit (whole/cut/tinned/frozen/chilled)
• Vegetables (whole/diced/prepared/tinned/frozen)
• Chilled salads (slaw/mixes/leaves)
• Potato (fresh/chilled/frozen/ambient/part-baked)
• Rice, pasta, grains
• Products sold as free-from (gluten-free/dairy-free)
• Pasta-based ready meals
• Vegetarian ready-meals and portions
• Ready meals (non-pasta based)
• Savoury pies and flans
• Soup and stock
• Condiments (including pickles/mayonnaise/dressings/mustard/oils/vinegar)
• Sweet and savoury sauces (ready to serve, including coulis and custard)
• Soft drinks (juices/water/smoothies/cordials/carbonated)
• Hot beverages (tea/coffee/hot chocolate/malts/infusions/fruit teas)